Our Philosophy

At Florigen Organics, we consider sustainability to be our main priority. For us, sustainability means both growing with the sun and also growing organically in living soil, with no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Although there is no label as a reward or incentive for what we are doing, we still believe that this is the only way to grow - and we are very proud of it. The best part is that, due to our many years of experience with using light deprivation, we are able to offer high quality cannabis without compromising our values.

Why Florigen Organics?

We developed Florigen Organics as an "educational" brand. We call it an educational brand because it brings awareness to the unique role that the hypothetical hormone 'Florigen' plays in growing top quality cannabis. Florigen is packaged with a "Whole Foods" look, branding our kraft mylar bags with a stamped ink logo and generating custom labels that feature the retailer's logo! Florigen Organics is always grown using light deprivation, only organic inputs, and is hand trimmed. This is high quality cannabis at an affordable price.

Our Facility

Florigen Organics is grown at a 502 producer/processor Tier 3 operation in the sunny Okanogan county.

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Our Amazing Staff


Our Facility

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Our Product Line